Oracle interval – adding seconds, minutes and hours to dates

Adding or subtracting time from Oracle dates is not always obvious and not always readable. Adding whole days is straightforward – 1 = one day – or with the use of the add_months function, adding months is straightforward, but if, for example you want to add 3 hours to sysdate you would have to do something like the following:

sysdate + (1/24 * 3)

Of course that could be written differently – using constants perhaps – but for the purposes of this example i’ve kept it simple.

Luckily interval can be used to produce much more readable code. The example above could be rewritten like so:

sysdate + INTERVAL '3' HOUR

Note the use of singular “hour”.

Here are a few other uses for interval, including adding seconds and minutes to a date:

 sysdate + INTERVAL '3' MINUTE,
 sysdate + INTERVAL '3' HOUR,
sysdate + INTERVAL '3' DAY,
sysdate + INTERVAL '3' MONTH,
sysdate + INTERVAL '3' YEAR FROM dual

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  1. Great! Tried it and it works, with timestamp as well (and probably other date formats too). The question is if it is really more readable, + interval ‘1’ second VS + 1/86400

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