Suppress output in SQL/Plus

When running a script that contains a lot of feedback (eg dbms_output.put_line) to the screen, it can take a while to send all the feedback to the screen.

To suppress the output to the screen use:

set termout off

This command only seems to work when placed inside a script.

If you suppress the feedback to the screen, it might be useful to spool it to a file to keep a log of the output.

Alter SQL/Plus prompt

It is possible to alter the SQL/Plus prompt, replacing the default.

I tend to have many SQL/Plus windows open, so I prefer to see exactly who I am logged in as, and in which schema I am logged into.

To do this, edit your glogin.sql file to add the following:

set sqlprompt "_USER'@'_CONNECT_IDENTIFIER > "

Of course, you could alter the code above to suit your own preference.