Umbraco – Getting child nodes (.net)

using umbraco.NodeFactory; 
//umbraco.presentation.nodeFactory is now depricated;

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    		//If you just want the children of the current node use the following method
    		var currentNode = Node.GetCurrent();

    		//If you need a specific node based on ID use this method (where 123 = the desired node id)
    		var specificNode = new Node(123);

    		//To get the children as a Nodes collection use this method
    		var childNodes = specificNode.Children;

    		//Iterating over nodes collection example
    		foreach(var node in childNodes)
    			Response.Write(string.Format("{0}<br />", node.Name));

    		//To get the nodes as a datatable so you can use it for DataBinding use this method
    		var childNodesAsDataTable = node.ChildrenAsTable();

    	   //Databind example
    	   GridViewOnPage.DataSource = childNodesAsDataTable;